Thursday, February 14, 2013


So back almost 2 years ago, I did a post called Cyber 5 Sexy Purple Goth - Various. It was this uber hot blue haired chick done up in a couple different colors by some deviants. I checked out her TwiggXStock deviantart page, and recommended you check her out.

Flashforward, I find this picture of a hot blue haired chick, and proceed to her deviantart page. Her name is TwiggX and she is this super hot Swedish model.

Well, turns out, I totally forgot that I did the Cyber 5 post, and I already clued in on her! I was going through, finding the best pics to wet your whistle, and then I came upon the original Cyber pic that I immediately remembered.So, without further ado (or dröjsmål in Swedish), I give you....TwiggX in her full glory.

 Or full gothy. Something like that.

The Gothic Ball series actually has three shots. The other two are pretty cool and are longer shots looking up at her from the bottom of the steps. Which, since she is practically a blue haired goddess, is fitting. And although she doesn't have blue skin, she more than makes up for it in moxy.

Take, for example, this next shot.

"Futuristic Geisha"
I am not sure if this shot is for a catalog, a masquerade ball, or just for the heck of it. It's called "Futuristic Geisha", and I have to say, freeze me up and thaw me out when I can get me some entertainment like that. I'm not sure about the pulse chart around her neck - although I have some theories.

A> In the future, there are electrical tattoos that can pulsate with your pulse, and let your customer know how excited he is making you.

B> In the future, geishas are really robots. Her whole skin is chameleon-like, and likewise with option A above, the pulse of the robot is reflected so the customer feels all manly.

C> She is really a vampire, and has a tattoo of a pulse running around her neck as a sick, twisted reminder of the humanity that she has given up.

Whatever it is, I have to say I most assuredly would frequent this Geisha's okiya.

Fraulein Von Braun

Ja, you read that caption right. The picture above is called Fraulein Von Braun. Again, no explanation as to why. TwiggX actually names all of her pictures with cool sounding titles. "Electric", "Melancholia", "You Should Guard My Dreams", etc. So while a picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture of a blue chick is word ten thousand, this green haired, esoterically named picture might even be worth 50 grand worth of prose. I'm not going to do it here (breath your sigh of relief), mostly because I think this cuts me off at five thousand words. But if I WERE to expound ad nauseum on this, it would probably be fairly easy.

The composition is fantastic. The color is breathtaking. The way the hair falls, the curve of the bosom, the coquettish look away from the camera, the shadows, the, well, you get it. Ich leibe das Fraulein! And if I thought Aayla wouldn't get jealous, I would hang this on my wall.

TwiggX and Nephania
Oh, did I mention this is a Valentine's Day post? Well it is. I wouldn't forget the most sacred of all chickolidays. I mean, when else can you get a box of chocolates and a handful of flowers and bring them home to TwiggX and Nephania? Yeah, never. Ever. Not even on Valentine's Day. But if you could...


I haven't looked up Nephania yet, but she is another lovely that must be from Sweden. Not that it matters where she's from, because TwiggX apparently has taken a shine to her.

And seriously, black roses are the perfect gift. I don't care what anyone else says. Well, except for blue roses. But in a case like this, I think you could bring some purple flowers and you'd be safe. But black, most definitely.

Yeah, Happy Valentine to you.

I was going to end with the Valentine picture, and then the mad scientist shot at the end, but there was one more picture that kept nagging at me to add it. OK, actually two. Or three. I just can't get enough of TwiggX. But in the interest of getting this post done, I will stop going on about my new Swedish girlfriend and just give you the looksee like you clicked in for.

Oh - but before I go - if you go to her deviantart page, you'll see a bunch of ad-like pictures. That's because she did a bunch of shoots for Odium Clothing. I'm not sure if this is what passes for mainstream fashion in Sweden, but if it does, I might just have to arrange a trip.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...That's what girls are made of. But this mad scientist didn't have any of that in his lab, so he used what was on hand, and this is what he came up with...

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