Thursday, February 28, 2013

Artist of the Week - Jerome Sion

"Aim High" (and a little to the right)

Jerome Sion

In fact, no chicks at all. Yeah, you read that right. Welcome to the world of Jerome Sion. He is a graphic designer that "paints" his stuff in photoshop. Found in the dark corners of the online art world (meaning, deviantArt), I despaired to find that there was not a single hot chick in his repertoire of paintings. So I found myself in an internal struggle - to post his stuff, against all the credo of BCAH  - or to let him languish on my hard drive, undiscovered by you, my adoring fan.

Actually, that struggle lasted about 30 seconds. Then I started typing. Because seriously, this guy's work is phat. Or whatever the current terminology is for the kids these days meaning "cool" or "totally rad".

So please, enjoy these works from a brilliant mind. I know I do. In fact, I started stalking the guy on deviantArt. I hope I didn't creep him out too much.

"A Journey". Remember, wise man say: A journey of a thousand miles ends at an empty plain where the evil overlord's castle is supposed to be. Better double check your GPS coordinates.

"Imaginary Place"

So why am I posting this guys stuff? Most of the pictures I love of his are landscapes, without much else in the way of accoutrement. Maybe it's the simplicity, maybe it's the style. But whatever it is, I find myself thinking of old pulp science fiction covers when I look at his works. Harkening back to a simpler era, of gun toting galactic explorers and their swaggering machismo.

Well, maybe not this one. I think this might be his version of a hot blue chick. A nightmare inducing, brain devouring, life stealing chick. Kind of like my ex-girlfriend.

OK, that might have been an unfair comparison. To tell the truth, I don't know that the lovely vision to the right ever ate any gray matter, or sucked the vitae out of an unsuspecting victim who only wanted to share the beauty he found on the internet with other fellow geeks. It's not my fault you're not a subtle shade of azure, dear. I didn't love you any less for that. Take your stupid cat with you, on the way out.

Sorry, I digress.

Back to our bloody mouthed beauty. Or, maybe we should move right along....

This is the second picture of Jerome's that I found. (The first was the "Imaginary Place" image above). As near as I can tell, the UE was inspired by a university in the Philippines called, duh, "UE". At least, that's what I can tell from the description on his blog.

I actually considering breaking my cardinal rule of stalking, and was going to ask him to paint up a blue chick (or, really, any colored chick). But since the number one rule of stalking is, "Don't let them know you exist", I decided against it. But, if Jerome should happen to find this page, please consider it. So that way I might not lose my viewer. And I can keep on keepin' on.

And, if you wanted inspiration, just draw the girl that is obviously "taking care" of  the robot/armored man in your practice picture. Just sayin'.

I reckon I'll knock off now, before Jerome decides to take offense to anything I said about his wonderful artwork. Because seriously, and you know how I can be serious, I am digging his works as much as I dig the latest version of Aayla Secura or a fan edit of Elisha Cuthbert as Supergirl (no, serious. It exists. And I'm going to post it soon...).

In fact, my homage collage to Brooke Burke has officially been replaced by the picture below, "Forbidden Place".

Because the only thing hotter than Brooke Burke's forbidden place is a kickass science fiction painting of a bunch of floating rocks. Hey, you knew there was something wrong with me before. Just let me get my rocks off in peace.

"Forbidden Place" (Or, just "Really Hard to Get To Place"?)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Scyllei Scylla

"Hey! What has white cat ears, cerberus heads around it's waist, and a bunch of tentacles?"

"I give up! What has cat ears, cerberus heads, and tentacles?"

"I do!!!!"
I've seen a lot of things around the interwebs in my day. Round about page 55-60 of any Google search, gets you into rarified territory if you don't have SafeSearch set to Safe. But honestly, when I came across this blue beaut, I had to ask myself, "How far is too far???"

Not there yet, it would seem.

So, near as I can tell, because a lot of the info on this one is in Japanese, or is just plain, well, plain. But it appears that this is Scyllei (or Scylla), and she is a monster girl. Yeah, I could have figured that one out myself. Fortunately she has a facebook page:

See Scyllei Scylla Sell Shells on Facebook

There's a couple of more pictures, and a nice description of her. Here's a portion:

"I may look big and bad but I will not bite if you are cool~ However if you piss me off...I'll rip your face off~ He heee~*Giggles*"

Yeah. So, remind me not to piss her off. In fact, I'll proclaim it right here: If you, Scyllei, don't like anything I've said here or I got anything wrong, please don't wrap your tentacles around me and rip my face off. You can wrap your tentacles around me, come to think of it. But only if you're going to give me some of that Deep Blue Sea. Should I take you out for some sushi first?

Sorry, I promised myself no fish jokes.

Anyway, it seems like Scyllei is from a production company called Shinrabanshou and she might be from a card game. I'd hate to try figuring out how to defend against a luscious monster like Scyllei.

Just try making a fur coat out of me!
I'll leave you with this very artistic rendering of her. Kind of like a stained glass window. Maybe in her temple under the sea. Remember, darling, it's better down where it's wetter...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Featured Artist - TitusBoy25

"Mysterious Girl"

Like most artists that are worth their copper sulfate, TitusBoy25 is on deviantart. This guy does a lot of digital artwork, which means (I think) that he takes pictures and makes them awesome. The mysterious girl above is what caught my eye, and once I tracked her back to Titus, I knew I had found yet another gem.

One of the things I love about his pictures (other than the obviously hot chicks), is the color balance. He does a great job of composing his pictures and evoking a particular mood. Take, for example, his vampire chick here. Great stark contrast, and that trickle of blood helps frame the entire concept of the picture: You are running out of time.

I hope I get this post finished before she catches me out...

And from one vamp to another, this one entitled "Vigilante".

Remind me not to break the law in her town. Unless, of course, it means I get a close up and personal view of her as she metes out her justice. Cause if I have to go, I think going by way of this smoking vigilante might be worth the chance to get a quick "Hi, hello, time to die" out of her. Especially if it means copping a quick feel.

So like most artists I find that have a hot blue chick in their repertoire, I found with Titus that besides the hot mysterious girl that led me to him, most of the blue hues in his pictures come from ambient lighting rather than an innate melatonin coloration.

A thousand years old and he still can't eat without dribbling all over.
For example, "Immortality", above. (I am sensing that TitusBoy25 might like vampires). Blue is blue, in my mind, even though she isn't blue by skin alone. Fortunately for you, though, Titus also did at least one other chick with blue skin.

I'm unclear if she is the same as the Mysterious girl at the top, but when you come right down to it, she does the job of carrying the mantle "Hot blue chick" just fine.

So to bring this post to a conclusion, I have to admire the work that TitusBoy25 does.Digital media is the playground for most of the hot blue chicks that I have found these days, so keep it up.

The last picture, well, there's no blue chicks. There's no chicks at all. But I found that this was my favorite of TitusBoy25's pictures on his deviantart page. So please enjoy, "Once Upon The Time".

Thursday, February 14, 2013


So back almost 2 years ago, I did a post called Cyber 5 Sexy Purple Goth - Various. It was this uber hot blue haired chick done up in a couple different colors by some deviants. I checked out her TwiggXStock deviantart page, and recommended you check her out.

Flashforward, I find this picture of a hot blue haired chick, and proceed to her deviantart page. Her name is TwiggX and she is this super hot Swedish model.

Well, turns out, I totally forgot that I did the Cyber 5 post, and I already clued in on her! I was going through, finding the best pics to wet your whistle, and then I came upon the original Cyber pic that I immediately remembered.So, without further ado (or dröjsmål in Swedish), I give you....TwiggX in her full glory.

 Or full gothy. Something like that.

The Gothic Ball series actually has three shots. The other two are pretty cool and are longer shots looking up at her from the bottom of the steps. Which, since she is practically a blue haired goddess, is fitting. And although she doesn't have blue skin, she more than makes up for it in moxy.

Take, for example, this next shot.

"Futuristic Geisha"
I am not sure if this shot is for a catalog, a masquerade ball, or just for the heck of it. It's called "Futuristic Geisha", and I have to say, freeze me up and thaw me out when I can get me some entertainment like that. I'm not sure about the pulse chart around her neck - although I have some theories.

A> In the future, there are electrical tattoos that can pulsate with your pulse, and let your customer know how excited he is making you.

B> In the future, geishas are really robots. Her whole skin is chameleon-like, and likewise with option A above, the pulse of the robot is reflected so the customer feels all manly.

C> She is really a vampire, and has a tattoo of a pulse running around her neck as a sick, twisted reminder of the humanity that she has given up.

Whatever it is, I have to say I most assuredly would frequent this Geisha's okiya.

Fraulein Von Braun

Ja, you read that caption right. The picture above is called Fraulein Von Braun. Again, no explanation as to why. TwiggX actually names all of her pictures with cool sounding titles. "Electric", "Melancholia", "You Should Guard My Dreams", etc. So while a picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture of a blue chick is word ten thousand, this green haired, esoterically named picture might even be worth 50 grand worth of prose. I'm not going to do it here (breath your sigh of relief), mostly because I think this cuts me off at five thousand words. But if I WERE to expound ad nauseum on this, it would probably be fairly easy.

The composition is fantastic. The color is breathtaking. The way the hair falls, the curve of the bosom, the coquettish look away from the camera, the shadows, the, well, you get it. Ich leibe das Fraulein! And if I thought Aayla wouldn't get jealous, I would hang this on my wall.

TwiggX and Nephania
Oh, did I mention this is a Valentine's Day post? Well it is. I wouldn't forget the most sacred of all chickolidays. I mean, when else can you get a box of chocolates and a handful of flowers and bring them home to TwiggX and Nephania? Yeah, never. Ever. Not even on Valentine's Day. But if you could...


I haven't looked up Nephania yet, but she is another lovely that must be from Sweden. Not that it matters where she's from, because TwiggX apparently has taken a shine to her.

And seriously, black roses are the perfect gift. I don't care what anyone else says. Well, except for blue roses. But in a case like this, I think you could bring some purple flowers and you'd be safe. But black, most definitely.

Yeah, Happy Valentine to you.

I was going to end with the Valentine picture, and then the mad scientist shot at the end, but there was one more picture that kept nagging at me to add it. OK, actually two. Or three. I just can't get enough of TwiggX. But in the interest of getting this post done, I will stop going on about my new Swedish girlfriend and just give you the looksee like you clicked in for.

Oh - but before I go - if you go to her deviantart page, you'll see a bunch of ad-like pictures. That's because she did a bunch of shoots for Odium Clothing. I'm not sure if this is what passes for mainstream fashion in Sweden, but if it does, I might just have to arrange a trip.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...That's what girls are made of. But this mad scientist didn't have any of that in his lab, so he used what was on hand, and this is what he came up with...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Go on and kiss the girl...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow
Starring Willow and a hot green mer-snake thing.

I never got into the Buffy TV series. I was a fan of the original "REAL" Buffy - Kristy Swanson. But, that doesn't stop me from finding hot green chicks that are trying to make out (or kill) characters from the TV show. This is a comic book that takes place during season 8 of the TV show, so I reckon you might not want to read it before watching the first 7 seasons.

Although, you should be reading my blog, so you wouldn't have enough time for that, now, would you?

Anyway - cover art by Jo Chen. I'm not going to say she's hot (because she is), and I'm not going to say I'm going to do a post featuring her artwork at some point (because I might), but....

Friday, February 8, 2013


Uncanny X-Men 467 - Cover by Chris Bachalo

I love my job.

Seriously. When I am trying to get a blog post together for my adoring fans, I have a simple process.

Google "blue chicks" or "purple chicks" or "red chicks" or "half naked succubus chicks in leather". I'd love to see what the authorities think about my search history. Anyway, then I proceed to scroll down to about page 50, having exhausted the first 49 pages. Then, I try finding a cool looking colored chick, then, once I've found one worth blogging about, I start searching for more images of her. Yeah. And in the meantime, save up any other random pics I can find for later perusal.

A lot of times, there's just one or two images, especially on the more obscure or unique characters created by low level artists (and by low level I don't mean in talent, just visibility and popularity by the masses). Since I've done a lot of the most popular blue chicks, the pickings tend to be of the onesy-twosy variety.

But sometimes, I hit on a chick I haven't done yet, that has a wealth of pictures, and then....then....I am in My Blue Heaven.

Like with Psylocke.

Yeah, she doesn't have blue skin. BUT...she has purple hair, a pink psychic knife, a hot blue suit (well, half a suit...yum) and she IS (starting in 1989) Japanese. But that is neither here nor there. Because, she is blue enough, purple enough, pink enough, and most importantly...HOT enough for me.

I love my job.

It was tough trying to pick out the images for this post. Because there are a lot. Now, I grew up (so to speak, since I never really grew up) with Psylocke of the early 90s - before the explosion of amazing pictures that started with McFarlane and Larsen and just got better and better. But man, I've been gone from comics for long enough that I was amazed at the imagery out there of our beloved Betsy.

Glen Angus did the picture above. He was an artist who passed away at the much too young age of 36. There is a very nice remembrance page on Wizards of the Coast website, as he was involved with the Magic: The Gathering line and did images for the WotC folk. I would say it is one of my favorites of Psylocke.

This next one is by Alex Garner, and is the cover for "Sword of the Braddocks". He has done a ton of stuff. In fact, I should probably do an Artist of the Month on him, if I can squeeze him in.

This is one of my favorites of Psylocke (sorry, Glen. But I'm not a monogamous hot art lovin' sort of guy). The lighting on the sword is great - the look of determination - the J-Pop hand gesture (or maybe it's a gang sign?) - the...guh...belly button.

Pretty much, nothing wrong with this picture at all.

Which makes it kind of hard to continue, because the high level of quality on this pic makes it stand up there (heh...that's not the only thing standing up). So rather than continuing with something to try and rival it, I'm going to switch gears and go with...

Yup. Cosplay.

There is a lot of cosplay out there. Lots of really bad, really poorly done cosplay. I found one other contender to this girl, but ultimately, VampBeauty won the contest. Check this factoid: She made her costume. And this one: That is her real hair. Yeah. She grew it out for 3 years, then colored it herself. That kind of dedication alone is enough for me. You really....really....reallyyyyyy should check out her blog. Or, if you're just that patient, I will definitely be giving her her own post in the not so distant future.

Moving right along, because this is already going a lot longer than I had thought it would...

Mmmm...Statuette of Psylocke (photo by noysan3001)

I don't think I can talk much about this. I mean, I'm not saying I would do a resin statue, but...

Let's see what I have left to share with you.

Yeah, this is tough. I've got comic panels, I've got cover art, I've got realistic, absurd, over-the-top sexy, and a ton more fan art. I just don't know what else to add. I'll give you these to finish up:

The Realistic, by Lenadro Franci. And note - in this age of digital art, this is an actual painting.

The Stylized Comic-y, by Bruce Timm

...and the Fan Art. Pencils by AdrianaMelo, color by PriscllaTR (Formerly noprip)

Well, true blue-eivers, I hope you enjoyed this trip down purple-hair lane. And remember - if you have a problem with the fact that Psylocke doesn't have blue, purple, or other colored skin...I'll have her go and use her psychic knife to remind you why you SHOULD like her.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Zombie Girl by Regura

Normally, I would find something like this and go all out and bring you a bunch of other pictures by the wonderful artist who did it. But in this case, all I could find was a name: Regura.

I searched Regura, and indeed came up with some other images, but the only thing I came up with was a pretty lewd (read: awesome) website in Japan with a couple of other pictures tagged Regura. I'm gonna leave it to you if you want to compromise your browsers purity and do a quick google search for yourself.

But seriously, have you ever seen such a happy disgusting zombie picture before? It brings a smile to my face.

(oh yeah - Walking Dead comes back on Sunday the 10th. This post's timing has nothing to do with that. Wink wink.)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Lilim - Monster Rancher

by SilverAqua

Lilim from Monster Rancher (Monster Farm)

The Japanese, true to form, developed a show called Monster Rancher, based on Monster Rancher the video game. The show was 73 episodes long, and involved, um, ranching monsters. I guess the game consists of raising monsters to fight each other, and the show's wiki entry doesn't explain what the show is about, but I would's....about....ranching monsters.
Hey cowboy, wanna go for a ride? (by skady1)

Yeah, I don't get it either.

BUT - and apparently Lilim isn't the only one, some of the monsters that are ranched are hot. Sleek, winged, busty hot monsters that can be ranched. Since I have no clue what the show or the game really consists of, and frankly, I don't really have the desire to know, I'll leave it to you, my fair viewers, to delve as deep into the ranching world as you would like to.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

So, you want to be a rancher?

I needs to get me into ranching.

So if you made it this far, I gotta say, that last picture is what got me into Lilim in the first place. I don't have a source on it, but hopefully I can wrangle me up another or three pictures like this of Lilim in the future. Just remind me to ask the real estate broker, when I'm buying my own ranch, if there is fire and brimstone all around like appears to be in the picture.