Friday, December 31, 2010

Blue Girls Have More Fun - Llanir

Blue Girls Have More Fun
Fan Art from World of Warcraft by Llanir

OK, I pulled this one from a website called Freakygaming. Llanir is the artist, and he/she knows what we all here knew already - Blue Girls have more fun. Yes, they do. And they get ogled more. And lecherous old men download them more.

Well, maybe not the last couple. But this fan art from WoW is a nice addition to our gallery of Blues. Nice tail? I think so too. I wonder if you could get a Tail Ring of Protection? I don't actually play WoW so I don't know all the equipment slots. But there SHOULD be.

Whatever. If she was my girlfriend, I would take her out shopping for tail accoutrements whenever she wanted. Not sure why I am fixating on her tail. Anyway, enjoy!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Unknown Alien Woman

For Christmas, I got my girlfriend a glowing, floating jellyfish.

Unknown Alien Woman
from The Internet

And for this Christmas, I am bringing you what I hope is a blue woman who's new to you. I've spent the past few months scouring for blue chicks, and after coming across the same handful day after day, I realized the internet needed a place dedicated to women of color. Blue in particular. So, I hope you enjoy this gift of girlie goodness for the holiday of your choice.

The origin of this picture is unknown to me. I try and credit where I can, but I found this exquisite catch on a ufo page nearby. There was no credit there that I could see. So, if anyone wants to give ME a present, you could let me know where this octobabe sails from. Maybe a Cthulu movie by James Cameron, and animated by Pixar? Or the big villain from Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Davey Jones' Unholy Half-Fish Daughter.

Imagine that, I got through a whole post about her without commenting on how something fishy was going on. Wait, what's that smell?

Happy Holidays!

Blue Christmas 2010

All of us here at Blue Chicks Are Hot wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



Santa's Little Helpers

Friday, December 24, 2010

Darth Talon

Darth Talon
from Star Wars

We are honored, as well.

Who knew a Darth didn't have to be a bald-headed cybernetic monstrosity or a spike headed martial-artist monstrosity? We did. So here is Darth Talon, a Twi'lek (yes, like Aayla Secura) Sith Lady who served under Darth Something-or-other back in the some-time-or-other.

The black things are tattoos, some sort of ritual with the Sith. The tentacles are tattooed rather nicely. Who knew? For me it goes back to my thought that tailed chicks should be able to wear tail accessories - I wonder what kind of spiky S&M type of gear they make for Twi'leks?

I shudder to think of the fan art based around Darth Talon.

Shudder in pleasure, that is. Don't be shy. Go google her.

Some of the best pictures of Darth Talon available are surprisingly of the statue available of her. But one of my favorites is her fighting someone she couldn't possibly fight (since he died 137 years before she became a Darth) - Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Hope you like!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Marta the Orion Slave Girl

Marta the Orion Slave Girl
From Star Trek

Hubba, hubba. At least, that's what they said back in the day when Kirk locked lips with a green chick. While he wasn't the first man to kiss an alien looker, Kirk certainly did it with style. Orion slave girl. Mmmm.

I wonder if it's time to update the Jolly Green Giant into something more like this.

In the Original Star Trek Series (known to Trekkers as Star Trek: TOS), the Orions were first met in 2154. There are other Orion Slave Girls, but Marta is probably the best known (for obviously leggy reasons). Yvonne Craig portrayed Marta in TOS (see above if you've already forgotten what TOS stands for), but is better known for her role of Batgirl in the Batman TV series.

Blue Chick? Nope. Hot chick? YEP!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Blue Fairy Angel Mystic

Blue Fairy Angel Mystic

Fairies are hot.

Don't ever be ashamed to admit it. Laugh at your friends who laugh at you.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spock - Cliff Nielsen

by Cliff Nielsen

What a great pic, huh? Cliff Nielsen also did The Blue Girl, which we just covered a couple of posts ago.He's done some other covers too. Great work, this is possibly my favorite, even more than the Blue Girl. At least Spock has green blood, so he's earned a place here based on that.

I'm sure some chicks would dig those pointy ears.

Um, not sure that came out right.

Back to Vulcan!
(oops, no more Vulcan. Sorry, too soon?)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bull Rider in Madrid, Spain

Bull Rider
Madrid, Spain

I don't get these artwork parades. Chicago and New York did it with Cows. London did Elephants. Berlin did it with Bears. And Madrid, of course, did it with Bulls.

This is one of the fine specimens of patchwork artwork that were placed all around the city in 2009. I saw some of the other pictures of Bulls, but of course, this one gets first prize in my book. A naked blue chick? Riding a bull? With a skull on her head? Added bonus!

Of all the other pieces of "artwork", I think the lego bull takes 2nd prize.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Liara T'soni

Liara T'soni
From Mass Effect

A hundred and six years has not turned this blue beauty into a wrinkled, shriveled old lady. Rather, it seems the years have been good to her. An asari from the planet Thessia, Liara isn't technically a "female" since the asari (the race from Thessia, remember?) only have one sex in their species. I mean, for Liara to be a female there would have to be a male, right?

Well, technicalities aside, asari can mate with anyone. Yeah, anyone. Male, female, Earthling, Other. You name it, they can procreate with it. And since they live to be a thousand years old, you can imagine the plethora of half breeds that must inhabit the space lanes. I mean, serious? Any race? Any sex? That's like a thousand year long love fest just waiting to happen. Tired of the tentacles? Find yourself a carapaced insect type bug and buy it a drink.

Here's another hot asari for you.
This is Bar Rafaeli (a SI Swimsuit model)
done up as an asari.

Now on second thought, maybe I shouldn't be posting this "chick" up here for another reason - if they live to be a thousand, then 100 years old would be like a little young, right? Shame on you! For god's sake, she's only 106!

So, sorry if I've ruined Liara for you. And if I haven't, then maybe you should be seeking some psych help. Of course, visiting this blog might qualify you for seeking psych help anyway.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Unknown - Blue Ice Queen

Unknown Ice Queen
Found this somewhere on the net. No idea who it is or who drew her. She's great, though. Cold and imperious, yo. Not someone to trifle with. You think YOUR woman is cold? Not half close.

If anyone knows who this is, shoot a comment out or leave a message on our Facebook page. Thanks!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Abstract Blue Mannequin

Abstract Blue Mannequin

Buy yours now! At Blue isn't your particular preference? (Why are you HERE????) Don't worry - they have white, black, blue, yellow, almost anything you would want in your life size inanimate featureless partner.

I can't say I wouldn't buy one of my own if I a> had a couple hundred bucks lying around with nothing to spend it on b> had a place in my house where I could showcase her and c> didn't have a disapproving other half who I don't even have to ask to know the answer is "NO!"

But if you want to show you're proud of your caeruleusphilia and have the scratch to order one (or two....mmmm....the more the merrier), you should go for it!

Just don't let Kim Cattrall find out you're cheating on her.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Blue Girl - Cliff Nielsen

The Blue Girl
Cover of the book "The Blue Girl" be Charles DeLint. Illustration by Cliff Nielsen

Is it wrong that I haven't read the book? It sounds great - punk chick gone good meets straight chick going bad. Angry fairies, a teenage ghost, and an imaginary friend. Great mix, right? Well, the cover art for this book is fantastic in it's own right.

I gotta admit I'm a sucker for striped stockings, and plaid skirts. So take my opinion with a grain of salt when I say this is a masterpiece of shade and style. Crouching shadows sneaking up on a seemingly dazed or drunken girl? Priceless.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unknown - Gypsy Blue Smart Woman

Gypsy Blue Smart Woman

Designed for Myspace 2.0. The image here is a jpg, follow the link for a sparkly gypsy chick for use on your social media. It's a bit too fast of a "sparkle" for my taste, but the image is friggin gorgeous anyway.

If anyone knows who did this picture or the real name for it, please comment here or drop us a line at our Facebook page.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Jill Bioskop

Jill Bioskop
From Immortal (Ad Vitam) movie, La Femme Piège comic book

Blue skinned something - not quite human (organs in the wrong places, hate it when that happens), pyramid floating in the sky over 2095 AD metropolis, and a frozen prisoner due to be released a year from now.

I have no idea what Immortal is about, or the comic book La Femme Piege that it is based on (both by Enki Bilal) so I can't really tell you what this blue-skinned mutant clone (or whatever she is) has to do with the movie. The write-ups about the plot indicated it's bizarre and not really coherent.

Do you need a movie to be coherent to admire a blue skinned beauty? Probably not. If I ever get a chance to try and decipher this French film from 2004, I'll update you all. But in the mean time, enjoy the bath!

Friday, November 12, 2010


From Halo

Sorry, this isn't the best pic of Cortana. On the lookout for one that fits the style of the blog a bit better. Will check back in at a future date, if I find one.

Anyway, Cortana is the AI that helps out Master Chief in the Halo series of video games. If you check out her Wiki, you'll see that we aren't alone in our adoration of her - a lot of people like her for more than just her blue skin (well, blue holographic representation of skin, but let's not split holographic hairs). Like her character depth and believability.

I'm not sure why they added the qualifier "disturbingly" to the "sexy" list she made. Is she one of the 50 best female video game characters? I think she's up there in the list of 50 best blue chicks, but since I haven't gotten to 50 blue chicks yet (as of the writing of this post), I guess that kind of makes her a shoe-in.

Is she one of the top 1 sexiest holographic AI entities? She's got my vote!

Lots more of Cortana on the web, folks. Happy hunting.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unknown - Fireball Chick

Fireball Chick

So I pulled this girl off a place called It's a blog that appeals to me and it's got this images place where people apparently upload images for their database. No idea who she is - if anyone knows please comment the picture or leave us a note at our FaceBook page.


And now a quick question - I get that Mages can't use armor - but seriously - why would you just let it all hang out there? Not even a nice padded sweater or something? Or is the cleavage supposed to distract the 10' tall ogre who is trying to kill you?


Friday, November 5, 2010


From Marvel Comics

Talia Josephine "T.J." Wagner. The progeny of Nightcrawler and The Scarlet Witch. From an alternate reality, though. And a cool alternate, indeed. Not only do we get our favorite color chick out of the deal, she's badass with her super agility and skills inherited from her dad.

Also, she can possess other people. Yeah, make the joke. But since she also has some latent telepathy going on, you better be really careful what you think around her.

Don't get this Nocturne confused with the others, there were 3 others in the Marvel Universe, none of which are hot blue chicks. So if you go googling for more hot blue-retractable-tailed Nocturne action, it's not my fault if you end up finding some dude with a gun don't blame me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Demon - Anna Ignatieva

Demon (Fairy)
by Anna Ignatieva

(***Warning - Adult Content (Nudity, Disturbing Images) are found at Anna's website. Go with caution)

In honor of Election Day here in the USA, I decided to do a Purple chick - not Red or Blue, but the ideal Purple - a mix of the two.

So here is the Purple Demon Fairy Chick by Anna Ignatieva. She is a Russky who does a lot of fantastical art. Most of her fairies are about this level of dark and sexy, and perhaps a tad on the younger side. Although fairies are ageless, right? So it's ok?

I have no doubt I will be posting up some more of Anna's incredibly hot fairies and other artwork. In the meantime, check her out for yourself. Keeping in the Purple theme, I've also added this nice illustration of a manic Sudoku Player. That's a taste of her artwork for ya, the stuff that isn't hot half-naked chicks with wings.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini

The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini

Described as a Bikini Beach Movie in a Haunted House, I have no idea what this movie is about. Something about a ghost in a bikini. And some corpse (Boris Karloff!). And some second rate actors when they couldn't get Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. This movie is actually in the series of Bikini movies including Beach Blanket Bingo.

Well, blue ghost in a bikini (which isn't actually invisible, since you can see the bikini. Not sure about that either) definitely qualifies as a Blue Chick!

If you really need to know what this movie is about, check out the wiki .

Otherwise, here is a parting shot.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blue Zombie Chicks

Halloween is here!

Please enjoy our first annual Halloween post. This year is featured Blue Zombie Chicks.

Zombie Girl is a Canadian (yeah, I know, ay) Electro-Industrial/Industrial rock project. I reckon this zombie here is Renee Cooper. I'm not sure she is technically blue, since at her myspace page there's a picture of her and she is notblue. But, there's another picture of her blue so I don't know if it's the lighting...

Do we care? Really?

Not I. Blue is blue.

Check out her music too - it's pretty creepy and industrial electronic just like the description says. I have to say this is my favorite Zombie Girl this year. Not just for the blue-factor, at that!

Scary Zombie Girl

I found this Zombie Girl on flickriver. The page she's on is like 8000+ pictures and I don't really understand what it is. It's like flickr but it just loads picture after picture. So I can't properly credit her because I didn't have the patience to wade through to figure out who posted her up.

Maybe when I am bored I'll properly credit her, but for now I just call her Scary Zombie Girl.


This Zombie Chick was at Comic-Con 2010. I don't know what kind of statue she is but there's a couple other pictures out there of her. And she's more on the blue/green shade of the spectrum, but I figured there was enough blue in her to color her for this year's Blue Zombie Chicks post.


Custom Zombie Doll

Yeah, you thought I was sick. Right. You need to check out this guy's custom horror dolls. Zombie girl here is pretty much the tamest of the bunch.

I wouldn't exactly call them "hot", unless you're into stripped flesh and lots of blood. Hey, it takes all kinds, right?

I ain't judging this guy, but next time you are inclined to think a blue skinned fetish is sick, just re-visit this guy for a lesson in relativity.


Some last random Zombie Chicks

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shadow Lass

Shadow Lass (Tasmia Mallor)
From Marvel Comics

Is it really nudity if the skin is blue? Not sure, but Marvel sure tests the notion with Shadow Lass. No complaints, mind. A throwback to the Frazetta era Conan chicks? A shameless attempt at luring in pubescent boys to the DC Universe? Both?

This chick is dark. Not dark blue, but shadow dark. Like summoning shadows. Projecting them. Controlling them. Ahh, she could control me any day.

Shadow Lass (Tasmia) is from Talok VIII,  a planet that is apparently populated with blue skinned Talokians. That might be one planet I would put on my itinerary when I start traveling across the galaxy. I betcha the Hitchhiker's Guide has a nice little write up on the planet.

Friday, October 22, 2010


From The Smurfs

Who doesn't love Smurfette? Who hasn't had the conversation about a single blonde girl in a village full of boys? Who doesn't wonder where those baby Smurfs came from?

Smurfin' A.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tyrande Whisperwind

Tyrande Whisperwind
From World of Warcraft

(OK, maybe more of a lavender)

From the WoWWiki:

Tyrande Whisperwind (pronounced Ti-Ran-da) is the chosen high priestess of the goddess Elune, the former general of the night elf sentinels and the current head of the Sisterhood of Elune. Together with her lifelong mate, the archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, she has represented the highest leadership of the night elves since the fall of Queen Azshara ten thousand years ago. In World of Warcraft, she is found inside the Temple of the Moon within the capital city of Darnassus.

From BCAH:

Tyrande Whisperwind (Because we need to know how to pronounce it) is my chosen purple chick for the day. But wait, this is blue chicks? Purple is close enough, neh? I think so. I mean, seriously. And the tattoo? She could whisper my wind any day. Sorry, no offense intended. She is a priestess after all.

That band on her forehead looks vaguely like a "3", but I'll give her a 9.

Friday, October 15, 2010


From Robot Entertainment

Now this is a fantastic take on an age old beauty - Medusa. Yeah, that's a statue-fied man she's hugging. Yeah, it's a pretty disturbing ornament. Wonder if Medusa ever took out a bad day on one of the poor souls she turned to stone. Kind of makes you wonder if you had the same, uh, talent, what would you do to that oh so unsavory ex?

I'm not entirely sure what Robot Entertainment does, but I know they are working on a cartoony looking version of Age of Empires. Online. Because nothing says artistic like ages of soldiers soldiering against each other by a bunch of computer-locked geeks shouting taunts at each other all night long.

Well, the artistic of this piece is undisputed, in my mind. Great job, Rice and Eggs. This was done for Robot Entertainment as part of a themed series of artwork based on Clash of the Titans. And sexy, to boot. She could (insert appropriately clichéd joke here.)

I'll leave you with this screen shot of Age of Empires: II. I was going to look up for a screen shot of AoE Online but this one popped up and I thought it was pretty kickass.