Friday, January 28, 2011

Cyber 5 Sexy Purple Goth - Various

Cyber Sexy Purple

Cyber Sexy Purple
by stphq

Here's a good argument for Purple. By stphq

However, this is apparently an image that was retouched (deviated? deviantated? I don't really understand that deviantart website, I thought it was all about deviants but I think it's all about deviating from the originally posted images. But I digress) by stphq. When I first saw it I thought, "Wow, self! THAT is a great argument for Purple".  Then I started looking into it and found that stphq retouched the original photo...

Cyber 5

Yeah. So, two for the price of one! The original photo was by TwiggXstock and is called Cyber 5. And is super Blue Hot. But there's something about the Purple version that just speaks to me. Maybe I'm used to the soft, retouched images in certain unnamed magazine publications. Maybe I am secretly more into Purple than Blue.

Or maybe I'm just obsessing about the colors way too much.

Anyway, check out TwiggX because for a non-Blue skinned chick, she is freaking hot. And her photography is stunning. Yeah, stunning. Yeah.

But that's not all, folks. The Purple version was done by stphq as an edit challenge from LadyTara.  I'd love to have heard that conversation. "Hey, stphq. Let's color this chick and see who can make her even hotter. I'll do Red, you do Purple. And then we will take over the world by controlling all the color-lusting geeks out there. They won't know what hit them." "Hey, LadyTara, that's a great idea. Let me go clean up and get started."

Here is LadyTara's version.

Red Cyber-Goth

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mantis - Marvel

From Marvel

Another green superhero. A hot, antennaed superhero. Who, like a preying mantis, eats her mate after they've done the deed. OK, maybe not the last part. But seriously, Marvel must have been at a bit of an impasse for new characters when they came up with this chickie. Not that, ultimately, we mind, because it's more fodder for our color skinned loving selves.

Mantis was an Avenger (who hasn't been, really? I wonder if there's a list of all the former Avengers and SHIELD operatives. It must include about 90% of all the heroes. Seriously. Whatever happened to standards?).

OK, easily offended better leave for this next paragraph. See, Mantis is half Vietnamese, half German. Which would explain why in some of the pictures she seems less green and more half-yellow.

Bah dum bum.

OK, easily offended can start reading again.

She tried hooking up with the Vision, she tried hooking up with the Swordsman, who died right after she proclaimed her love (see comment above. Did YOU see the Swordsmans body on the autopsy table?

But perhaps the most interesting thing about Mantis is that she hasn't just worked for Marvel - she's had work in both the DC as well as Eclipse and Image comic book universes as well. Which kind of makes me think of a roach - gets in everywhere, impossible to get rid of. Maybe Marvel missed the target with the name?

Well, that wraps up another episode of As The Hot Blue Chick Turns. Hope you enjoyed this weirdly hot insect chick. Just don't ask me to tell the insect chick joke that I've told in private company only. If you weren't offended by the half yellow comment above, you would almost definitely be offended by this one.

And last: Iron Man versus the Mantis!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Copycat - Marvel




Vanessa Car

Jesus, I can't get it out.

Vanessa Carlysle. Sorry I kept stuttering there at the beginning, but that is what this chick does to my jaw. I mean, holy smokes. Copycat can keep me whenever she wants. And she knows where I live? Sweet. Hurry on over, and don't worry, I'll kick Mystique out before you get here.

Or maybe not. I mean, come on. How cool would it be to hook up with TWO shapeshifters? They could both become each other. Mystique could look like Copycat and Copycat could look like Mystique. Or they could both look like Copycat. Then you have to try telling them apart. Then, spin the dial and...Right Hand on Blue! Twister!!!




OK, back to the post.

Yeah, you want to know about her, she once posed as Domino for awhile. What would happen if Copycat as Domino ended up hooking up with Rogue and Rogue got Copycat's power to shapeshift and she turned herself into Domino and hooked up with Domino?

Ah, the possibilities are endless.

So, I'll be waiting for you to show up, Copycat.
Enough with the Ent metaphors.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Featured Artist - Christel Eldrim

Featured Artist of the Month
Take me to your leader. I have something important to show him.

As near as I can tell, Estethia is the website of one Christel Eldrim, a photographer / photoshop artist from Sweden who photographs hot women and transforms them into hot artistic fairies or alien chicks.

I discovered her whilst searching for Blue aliens. I found the one above. A very clean, very intriguing alien woman who was pulling down her space-age robe.

Immediately intrigued, I discovered that this was a one-off photoshop of some really hot regular chick, it wasn't an actual photograph of a real blue alien chick being held in Area 51. I mean, they have to have SOME sort of entertainment out there all alone with maximum secrecy, right?

Um, digression. Sorry.

Back to Christel -

She uses a couple of different models and does very artistic shoots. And sexy. Very sexy. How do you say sexy in Swedish? Something with a bunch of zeroes hanging over the letters in random places, I'm sure. But we call it Estethia. However the heck you pronounce that.

One of her best models, in our so humble opinion, is Alexandra. She appears on the Estethia website in several outfits, under the category Portrait> Alexandra. It doesn't seem to be possible to link directly to a picture page, or I would. It's up to you if you want to see more of this stunning brunette.

The image of her in the periwinkle dress is titled "Charleston". I don't know if Christel named the photo or if it was named by whoever's website I found it on. The Swedish site doesn't have titles, just numbers in the series.

Why a Swedish glamour photographer would be naming a picture after a city in South Carolina is beyond me. I guess it's the cultural sway of the deep South. Whatever the connection, I'm glad to see this shot, especially the pearl necklace. Very Belle.

Sous l'eau
Then there's the underwater beauty shot, named "Sous l'eau". Which translates loosely from the French as "I was fishing in the pond behind my house and caught this on my fishing line, so I pulled it from the water. That's the honest truth, officer".

I don't really think she is underwater though, any more than Samwise Astin was underwater in his drowning scene in Fellowship of the Rings, though. Although what we don't know won't hurt us.

The other pictures of Alexandra are as captivating as these, although without so much Blue in them. I'll leave Alexandra with one more shot - no title, just the number 11 in the series.

Picture #11 of 16. But who's counting?

Her other favorite model of ours is Mea. A fiery redhead, Mea appears in a series of Victorian feeling shots that I'm sure the Victorians would love to feel.
This counts as a White chick, I believe. Or Very Very Pale. Jonathan Harker wouldn't have a chance against this vixen. And face it, neither would you. Tick tock, tick tock. That's the sound of your life running out to meet this chick at the nearest blood bar for a quick cocktail.
I mean, I could start going on about composition and lighting and balance and all that artistic stuff. Or, I could just leave you with a final impression of Christel as an artist worthy of being put into the Hall of Fame for hot hot pictures. In fact, as the first Featured Artist of the Month, Christel should feel honored to be the inspiration for your viewing enjoyment.

"Should", I said. Not "Will".

I'm not saying there's so many more hot pics of these two hotties that you owe it to yourself to go visit her website, but if you don't, your friends will question your sanity.

"Will", I said. Not "Should".

On a parting note, I'll leave you with an article that explains how Christel turned an otherwise normal looking hot chick into a seductive, blue skinned hot chick. Because you were looking for the articles, right?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Deena the Devil Girl - Dr. Snafu

Deena the Devil Girl
by Dr. Snafu

Found this one on flickr. Seriously, the amount of red-skinned hot female devils is fairly limited. One would think it was a natural gimme to type in "red chick devil" and come up with a plethora of red skinned hotties (get it? :D ). But no. You get a bunch of Halloween costumes worn by pale, flesh colored chicks. Nice, but not what we're looking for.

Fortunately for you, dear viewer, we managed to find this amazing one. According to the artist, he was going for a combo Hellboy/Nightcrawler chick. Sure works that way.

My question is, with flaming eyes like that, won't the goggles get pretty steamed up if you throw water in her face?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lavinia Morley

Lavinia Morley
from The Curse of the Crimson Altar

Boris Karloff, Christoper Lee, and a very hot Barbara Steele. Well, hot because she dresses up as some blue skinned Black Witch of Greymarsh, Lavinia Morley. Let's face it - Barbara Steele has some hot assets, but there's something really creepy about her face that lent her very well in landing roles in horror flicks.

So when she dons ram horns and a snake looking robe, and comes out to play, we know that she is going to be the perfect girl for the job. For a remake of this film, I would suggest Christina Ricci for the part - who wouldn't want to see her blue?

Well, back to Lavinia Morley. Girl can handle a knife in service of the Devil, that's for sure. She makes a welcome addition to our collection of blue babes. For further grins, check out the trailer below for The Curse of the Crimson Altar - my favorite part? The tag line - "Every Victim Violated."


"I told them no more coffins. So instead, it's ram horns and blue skin? At least it isn't a f***ing coffin."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Domino - Marvel

Domino and her well heeled partner Deadpool

I guess White Chicks are Hot too. Domino certainly is. I mean, come on. Hot body, deadly with weapons, big black eye. What else could you want in a woman? Hopefully not a desire to pull the trigger from a thousand yards away, with her rifle pointed at your noggin. Because this deadly markswoman wouldn't hesitant to complete the mission, if that mission was assassinating little old you.

Yeah, she was the leader of X-Force for a bit until it was discovered that she was really Copycat - another hot mutant who deserves a page(s) of her own. But that didn't stop her from being hot.

She's also had work with S.H.I.E.L.D., but who hasn't, really?

So when I was researching Domino for her post, I came across this video that was edited up by DramaMC. Give it a watch and tell me how hard it was for you before they got involved.

Yeah, pretty hot. Apparently this guy intended on creating a nice little video mashup to imply a certain somethin somethin. Read his description on the youtube page.

And if you got to this page searching Domino, the movie, thinking you were getting Keira Knightley, don't worry. I made the same mistake in reverse, thinking I was getting a movie about the Marvel character when I bought it. This is a movie about a bounty hunter on a reality TV show named Domino. Keira doesn't disappoint, so here you go.