Friday, February 25, 2011

Aayla Secura - Fan Costumes

Aayla Secura. My favorite blue chick. Here are some fan costumes that have popped up. I was surprised that I couldn't find more, I mean, seriously - if you were a chick and you wanted to dress up as something, why WOULDN'T you dress up as Aayla Secura?

I think a lot of people out there need their heads examined.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blue Mannequin - Estethica

I guess people really do buy Blue Mannequins. I don't really understand it, but I'm not complaining.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Anime Chicks - Rainbow of Hair

For today's post I wanted to do something a bit different. No colored skin chicks here. Instead, I found a bunch of really hot anime chicks with different colored hair to give you a rainbow of color. There's tons of colored hair pictures of anime chicks out there, but I don't really fancy the idea of just doing colored hair anime chicks. Even though they are super hot. If you're into anime. Or chicks. Or sex with cartoons.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Featured Artist - Samantha Meagan Bowe

Eirwen the Snow Queen. Shiver me timbers!

This month's featured artist is Samantha Meagen Bowe. I found this chick's artwork on a felf (if you don't know what a felf is, let me educate you. It's an elf with an adjective at the beginning. I'll give you a hint as to what the "f" stands for. It doesn't stand for "fun" or "fandango". Think about an aquatic bird, then I will tell you that I prefer dwarves. Still can't figure it out? Tough.) site called Elfwood. I initially intended on showcasing Eirwen, but then I had the bright idea to do a feature article on a different artist each month, that uses blue or other colors for their models. So here she is.

Samantha Meagan Bowe

Sammie, according to her Felfwood account, is a self-taught graphic artist using a couple of programs. Here is her desc of herself: "Samantha Started Computer Graphics about 4 years ago with Photoshop and got into 3D Art about 2 years ago with Poser and Vue 6 Esprit. Self taught but would like to take some classes to learn even more. Fantasy art is my favorite."

I wouldn't call her a Poser. Wait, that's the name of the program she uses. I would call her talented at making hot chicks Pose in graphic representations. Let's look at a couple now.


"Tulip" is a purple haired chick with a bunch of face jewelry. Sammie seems to like the little gem things affixed to the faces of a bunch of her models, and I think she makes good use of them. Even a cute little heart in that pointy ear. And a couple of rings. And a nose ring. Well, nose stud. All brought forth with a terrific purple ensemble of colors.

I'm not sure about the cat eyes, they could be creepy in another situation but I guess on Tulip it just adds to her mystique (not that mystique). Not that she needs any help. Tulip could plant her tulips anywhere she wanted to in my garden.

Eternal Bloom
 Next up is "Eternal Bloom". Now, this one is pretty and all, but I can't really figure out why she chose to call it eternal bloom. Do you think of cold blue images when you think of eternal blooming things? Not me. I think of warm green lush sorts of images. Maybe Sam is Siberian. Or maybe she thinks "bloom" means "freeze". Could be an ESL situation or something.

But EB (Eternal Bloom) has a great psychedelic theme going for it - the twisting column, the hidden symbols in the background, and the seemingly inappropriate title. But let's stop dwelling on the title and dwell on the blue hair, blue lips and pale skin. OK. Done with EB? Let's move on to my other favorite (Eirwen up top is my first favorite).

Come with me.

Come With Me. No, really. That's the title. Although I might want her to replace the "With" with another word that rhymes with "Don"

"Come With Me". I think the title just about says it all.

Samantha has some great artwork so far. I found her work on a couple of sites, but I haven't found more pictures than what she has on Elfwood. I think her composition is pretty good, and her models are uber-hot, but I think she focuses too much on the girls just standing there looking pretty and not enough on doing some action scenes. I would be more than willing to model with one of her creations in, shall we say, less than Prime Time appropriate scenes?

I couldn't decide if I should leave off with Allura the Elfin Enchantress, or Abby Sciuto (from NCIS). So, in the interest of giving more than less, here are both.

Abby Sciuto. I'd love to see her do Linda Fiorentino from Men in Black

Allura the Elfin Enchantress. Please, pick up your umbrella. Slowly. And bend at the waist, not the knees.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Abstract Pink Mannequin

Abstract Pink Mannequin

A while back we did a post on Abstract Blue Mannequins. Well, here is their sister mannequin. Of all the models we saw, this was probably the hottest (After Blue, of course). And really, I don't think black lingerie could look hotter. So be proud and show off your (er, your wife's, all you guys out there. I know YOU don't have lingerie for yourself) collection of hot skimpies with this hot pink model.

For only $150 bucks a pop, and a bunch of other colors to choose from, it wouldn't take a rich man to have a favored mannequin for each day of the week.

Don't get me started on lifelike, realistic dummies though. Cuz that's for a future post.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Devil Mitra - Bryant Arnold

Devil Woman
by Bryant Arnold

Bryant Arnold is an illustrator in Las Vegas, NV. He does cartoons, websites, etc. I found this image through one of his blogs where he explains the how-to behind drawing a hot red devil chick. For this one, he suggests finding a nice fashion picture and using that as the basis for the drawing you intend.

And is it possible Rhona Mitra really is a devil? Because she has been smokin' hot in everything I've seen her in. This picture included.

So for further study, check out Rhona in The Life of David Gale or Stargate: Universe. Even though she isn't blue (or red or purple...) she is well worth our time.

Friday, February 4, 2011


If the Joker was a hot female, she would be these pictures. Because that's what the world needs - a psychotic white chick who just wants you to laugh at her jokes. And then die. Because describing a female Joker as a psychotic woman is like describing a three year old as an annoying three year old. Kind of redundant, don't ya think? (Of course, I just lost my scant female audience with that remark, but I'd rather lose the females than the males, so I'm ok with a few jokes at their expense).

So there have been a couple different female versions of the Joker that I've been able to find. The above picture is called "Lonely Girl" by a "Little Ghost", which I found on a random blog that doesn't attribute the picture to a source other than the title and artist name. But alas, I couldn't find more of Little Ghost's work. There very well be a whole series of hot Jokerette looking hotties somewhere on the internet, just waiting to be found.

Next up is Duela Dent as the Joker's Daughter. So she's some chickie who's claimed to be the Joker's Daughter, the Riddler's Daughter, and a bunch of other villain's daughters. I guess all the best jokerette's have daddy issues. Or daughter issues. I can't really keep track.

Now this is just some random chick on flickr that wants to be the joker. I put her up to show all you parents - don't let girls read comic books. This might be the result.

And finally, I do believe this is one of the signs of the apocalypse. A female version of the Joker, in Second Life. Like, I get being the Jokerette type in City of Heroes or Champions Online. But, isn't Second Life just some regular world that you cruise around and hang out and generally do a whole lot of nothing in? I guess if you're cruising for cyber-girls you could do worse than a jokerette. At least if she went psycho(er) on you, the worst she could do is kill your avatar.

But why even take that risk?