Friday, December 3, 2010

Abstract Blue Mannequin

Abstract Blue Mannequin

Buy yours now! At Blue isn't your particular preference? (Why are you HERE????) Don't worry - they have white, black, blue, yellow, almost anything you would want in your life size inanimate featureless partner.

I can't say I wouldn't buy one of my own if I a> had a couple hundred bucks lying around with nothing to spend it on b> had a place in my house where I could showcase her and c> didn't have a disapproving other half who I don't even have to ask to know the answer is "NO!"

But if you want to show you're proud of your caeruleusphilia and have the scratch to order one (or two....mmmm....the more the merrier), you should go for it!

Just don't let Kim Cattrall find out you're cheating on her.

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