Friday, March 29, 2013 Supergirl Supergirl
So today's post is titled Supergirl. Because, it stars Supergirl. Not like actual costumes, but fan made pictures of famous people mashed up with a Supergirl costume. And while there are really great fan costumes out there, I decided to go with the photo manipulation angle because I really have the hots for Taylor Swift (above) but couldn't really figure out a way to honestly add her into this blog.

Hence, the occasional series " XXX" is born.

I've also decided that I have the hots for Elisha Cuthbert. And while her Supergirl image doesn't really do her justice, well, let's just say I wish I was that "S". Or the guy on the rooftop below who just happened to get some fan video of Kara Zor-El taking off.

So these were the first two Supergirl celeb pictures that I found. And surprising, some of the girls that I reckoned would be a shoe-in for a Kara Treatment, I just couldn't find anything. Like Kirsten Dunst, or Brooklyn Decker. And then there were some that I didn't want to find, like a really bad one of Jenny McCarthy. And one of my least favorite actresses that most guys go bananas for, Scarlet Johannson.

 And then, there are some more obscure actresses that I happen to know, that have some decent Supergirl getups imposed on them. One of my favorites is Diane "don't call me Heidkruger so  I can succeed in American films" Kruger. And while her Supergirl outfit isn't the traditional blue and red, I think the Linda Danvers-esque version works quite well.

Yeah, I thought it was Marsha at first too.
 Katherine Heigl...ahhh. I've always been a fan of hers, although I thought she was kind of uppity in Roswell for the first season or so. No, I didn't watch Teen Drama about Aliens Show "Roswell". I mean, erm, moving right along...Katherine Heigl. Mmmm. So when I found this one, I found that the artist, ThiagoCA, has a little bit of the, hobby? Nah, screw it. Obsession with Supergirl. He's Supergirl-ified a lot of actresses. 6 pages worth. And, turns out I had seen and passed over his Cameron Diaz and Jessica Simpson versions already in my hunt for images.

But here is Katherine, and check out his link for other Kara-ed up versions of celebrities.

 It may be fitting to make the last picture one of Hayden Panettiere, Heroes own hottie hero. And while she wasn't invincible, couldn't fly, and didn't have laser beams for eyes, I couldn't really find a picture of her morphed into a sexy Wolverine. So here you go.

 Oh, and you can find a bunch of other Legion mockup posters at Frankphotos deviantArt page.

So I said last picture, even though there is one more. But, the last one is a cheat, really, because it is uberhot Supergirl actress Laura Vandervoort in her Supergirl-esque outfit that she wore on Smallville, only it is modified to make her look like a real Supergirl at the Fortress of Solitude. Yeah.

Have a Super Day!

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