Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Andorian Woman - Chonastock

Andorian Woman
From Chonastock

(Edit: I've added a second post on this Andorian hottie here)

Holy Transporter Beam! Scotty, get her OUT of there before she gets Red Shirted!

Chonastock has a bunch of different series. Woads, Pirates, and some hottie Red Shirted Star Trek: ToS beauties. Among the gems is this fabulous, no fantastic, no AMAZING Andorian chick. Blue skinned to the miniskirt, this chick should be hired immediately or the ghost of Roddenbury will spin in his subspace grave.

Rarely has Trek brought us such stunning hotness on their own. Seriously, Troi was supposed to be the big sex symbol of TNG? Yeah, yeah, 7 of 9. But for true, this has got to be the hottest babe since B'elanna Torres. Sorry, 7, but this Andorian is a 10.

Check out the rest of her directly at Chonastock's deviantART page here. And seriously, enjoy. It doesn't get much better than this. Hopefully Scotty gets her out safe.

"You'd better come look at this strange structure I shouldn't be touching."

"Hey, what's that sensor reading moving towards us?"

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